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Accelerate the Hummer brand in an attempt to expand the attractiveness of the brand and increase sales, GM made plans to introduce two new hummers: the H2 utility sports truck (SUT) and H3. Although the demand for the industry’s SUV decayed in 2004, the demand for pickup trucks strengthened and their sales grew more than 24% in September, compared to 2003. GM I expected to capitalize on this with its H2 Sut, which cost Around $ 53,000. Very similar to H2 in front, the SUT has a short pickup box and offers the same features for “out of the way” than his older brother. While H2 competes in the category of luxury SUVs, H3 is GM’s income to medium-sized SUV class, a market that represents sales of more than 1.7 million units annually, ten times those of the Luxury SUV. “We are going to reach clients who aspired a hummer, but the price was not within reach,” said Susan Docherty, Hummer’s general manager. Based on the Colorado GM Chevy, the H3 is 40 cm shorter than H2 and 15 cm narrower, thus facilitating its parking lot. And he keeps climbing rocks of 40 cm and wading non-deep streams. It is also said that H3 can yield up to 20 miles per gallon on the road. To promote the new vehicle, GM duplicated its annual marketing budget for Hummer line to 50 million dollars. “We need to send the price message that all hummer cost more than $ 50,000 and we have a smaller and efficient hummer in fuel consumption,” Docherty said. She continued saying that much of money for advertising would be spent on sponsorships and events. On October 25, 2004, GM invited more than a thousand owners of Hummer to a Black Eyed Peas concert for

Develen the H3, one day before the start of California Auto Show. For GM, H3 is a higher risk than H2. While AM ​​General continues to build H1 and H2 in Indiana, H3 manufacture GM unionized workers on a GM plant in Louisiana. GM can no longer combat slow sales by asking AM to reduce production.

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