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Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy in which each of the components of the promotion mixture is carefully coordinated. Concept of total cost in physical distribution, recognition that the best relationship between costs and profits for the entire physical distribution system should be established, instead of only for individual activities. Concept of marketing Philosophy of business practice emphasizing customer orientation and coordination of marketing activities to achieve the performance objectives of the organization. Social Marketing Concept Corregid version of the marketing concept according to which a company acknowledges that it should be interested not only by buyers

Of its products, but also by people directly affected by their operations, and not only for the immediate future, but in the long term. Recorded trademark licensing Business Convention by which the owner of a registered trademark grants permission to other companies to use the brand name, logo or signs of the Licensee’s products, in exchange for a royalty of sales of those products; It is the same as licensing license. Granting of business agreement by which a company sells to another (for a payment of fee or royalty) the right to use the brands, patents or manufacturing processes of the first. Channel conflict Location in which a member of the channel perceives that another member acts so that it prevents him from first achieving his distribution objectives. Horizontal conflict form of channel conflict that arises between companies at different levels of the same channel, usually producer-wholesale or producer-retailer. vertical conflict form of channel conflict that occurs between companies at different levels of the same channel; It is usually a producer-wholesaler or producer-retailer. Final consumers People who buy goods or services for their own personal use or their home, in order to satisfy strictly nonprofit needs. Contraction of the product mix strategy in which a company eliminates an entire product line or simplifies the assortment within a line. Contracomercio Agreement through which products made in the country are exchanged for imported products. Contracting legal relationship that allows a company to enter a foreign market indirectly, quickly establishing a market presence and running a few risks.

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