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Perhaps more incriminating, however, was the indictment against the presidency for selling Church property in Jackson County, an action that was interpreted by his brothers as disobedience of the commandments given in the revelations (see Doctrine and Covenants 57: 1- 4; 101: 67-75; 105: 26-29). In early February 1838 (before Joseph Smith came to Far West), the high council met to discuss the actions of the Missouri presidency, and it was agreed that they should be rejected as presidency but retain their membership in the Church. Thomas B. Marsh and David W. Patten, seniors in the Quorum of the Twelve, were sustained as temporary presidents. A month later, on March 10, the three former presidents had not made a proper reconciliation regarding that situation, so the council voted

Thus. The Saints were to dedicate the Temple site in Far West, or the foundation on July 4, 1838. Thereafter, they were to make preparations (for example, get the stone, wood, and other building materials) and begin construction. construction “from here in a year,” that is, on April 26, 1839.

The matter was further complicated by the fact that a number of contemporaries of Joseph Smith made statements about having visited Tower Hill and having seen the ancient ruins, and then reported that it originated from Adam or that the structure was actually part of the original altar used by Adam to offer sacrifices. Archaeologically speaking, it is extremely rare for a physical structure, large or small, to survive five or six thousand years under any circumstances. It is also important to note that nowhere in the personal record of Joseph Smith (the Scriptory Book) that he was writing in 1838 is there a statement made by him in which he identifies the ruins at Tower Hill as being Adamic in origin. So how did the idea come up that the ruins on Tower Hill originated with Adam?

Although we cannot give a complete treatise here, the following should suffice: During the summer and fall of 1838, Joseph Smith visited Adam-Ondi-Ahman, and on several occasions, along with others, he went to Tower Hill. In the reminiscences of Joseph Smith’s contemporaries who visited the site, with or without Joseph, there is consistent agreement that the Prophet specifically identified Tower Hill as the site where Adam offered the ancient sacrifices. That said, one can see how it is that after visiting the site and seeing the ruins and having Joseph told them that this was where Adam offered sacrifices, they were able to naturally associate the ancient remains with Adam, when in fact they were of much later origin.

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