A Guide: What Are The NFT Codes For Pop It Trading?

Have you heard about the super popular Roblox game called Pop It Trading? It’s basically a digital trading floor where you can collect, trade, and show off fun pop it toys, makeup items, pets, and more. Over 4 million players love hunting for rare collectibles so they can climb to #1 on the in-game leaderboards.

But how do you actually get all those adorable octopus plushes and rainbow sequin palettes? That’s where NFT codes come in! Redeeming these special codes gives you free bonus goodies to expand your trading inventory. Whether you’re just starting out or gunning for first place, NFT codes make the whole trading journey faster and more exciting!

This guide has all the details on how to redeem codes, what loot you can score, and pro tips to trade your way to an awesome collection. Time to dive in!

What Makes Pop It Trading So Popular?

Pop It Trading exploded in popularity thanks to its crazy addicting gameplay. As a trader, you get to hunt down cute, weird, funny, and rare items to add to your stash. The goal is to trade up for your dream pieces, like an ice crystal egg or floppy gummy bear. You can even show off your prized possessions to other players.

It captures that rush of rifling through toy store bins or thrift shops looking for hidden gems. Over 4 million players log in every month searching for crazy combos to swap and score. And your profile tracks your net worth based on your inventory, creating serious bragging rights!

The social trading floors make deal-making even more lively. You can chat in real time and set up meets at locations like the Dance Club or Treehouse. It’s a vibrant world where making friends and chasing rare finds keeps the excitement high.

How Do NFT Codes Help You Score Freebies?

NFT codes give you a shortcut to expand your trading inventory with no robux or real money required! Developers release these codes that grant you a free mystery item when redeemed.

Some codes always award set prizes, like a pink octopus plushie. But most issue randomized loot boxes with fun surprises inside. You could score a legendary six-sided dice relic, yummy lollipop, or even a Portal-inspired teleportation gun!

Starting off with more items (including potential high-value pieces) lets you trade up faster to your most coveted pieces. And everyone loves cracking open surprise boxes!

Redeeming codes also helps cement your trader status and gets your net worth climbing. Plus who doesn’t love freebies? It’s a rush tracking down working codes and crossing your fingers for amazing rewards.

The Best Ways to Find Hidden NFT Codes

New codes constantly get released, but can be tricky to pin down. Here are the best methods to hunt them:

  • Check the official YouTube channel – Developers often reveal new codes during livestreams or premiere events. So hit Subscribe and keep watch!
  • Join the official Discord server – Chat with fellow fans and coders who give sneak peeks at upcoming codes.
  • Follow game fan sites – Sites like Club XOX announce codes shortly after release so you can redeem them fast.
  • Bookmark this guide – We keep this guide updated with all the newest codes that go live. Swing back regularly so you never miss any!

Be sure to redeem codes quickly before they expire! Nothing sadder than cool freebies going to waste.

A Complete List of All Working Codes

Below is an up-to-date list of all currently active and valid NFT codes for insane Pop It Trading loot. Redeem them ASAP for the best shot at exclusive items! We’ll keep this list refreshed daily.

steprightup! – Unlocks a random circus-themed item

boingboing! – Receive a mystery box with a surprise item

funkimunkii – Claim an exclusive monkey plushie item

fantasticplastic – Scoop up a cute Barbie doll or accessory

whonewit? – Try your luck at getting a rare panda cub

And 10 more active codes…

Be sure to input codes exactly as shown for proper credit! And once claimed, locate your new inventory addition and start setting up trades.

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeem Codes

Wondering how to actually activate NFT codes and secure your merch? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Pop It Trading on any device and enter the game lobby.
  2. Walk around until you locate the bright red button labeled “YouTube Codes” on the floor.
  3. Stand on the button and a code redemption window will pop up automatically.
  4. Carefully enter or paste your code into the text field and press Enter to submit it.
  5. If successfully verified, your surprise loot box or item will drop at your feet!
  6. Walk into the box to add your NFT to your backpack for trading or collecting.

Easy right? If any issues crop up, make sure you input the code precisely with no extra spaces. And try reloading the game to refresh the servers. Then retry entering your code.

Pro Tips to Trade Up to Legendary Finds

Scoring free NFT codes is just the start of your Pop It Trading quest. The real fun begins swapping your goods for your dream discoveries!

Here are some pro trading tactics to land those aspirational items:

  • Master player meetups – Set up trades quickly at key locations like the Gumball Alley or Castle Gates hotspots.
  • Sell off multiples – Trade your duplicate NFTs for new rare commodities. Variety wins over hoarding!
  • Know item values – Check the Worth Wiki to learn what mighty items like cyborg dogs or diamond wands tend to trade for.
  • Bundle strategically – Combine mid-tier items into tempting packs to lure players with expensive pieces.
  • Ask high, accept reasonable – List dream trades, but have a best counteroffer price in mind for smooth bartering.
  • Stay patient – Keep advertising your goods until you find the right trading partner and enticing return. Persistence pays off!

With clever swapping skills, those legendary lightning bolt swords and backroom keys could soon be yours!

Wrap Up – Go Snag Those NFT Codes!

That wraps up our epic guide on redeeming NFT codes to score adorable freebies while you make legendary trades! From learning where to hunt codes and even listing every active one, you’ve got the key info.

Now just dive into the zany trading world of Pop It to start wheeling and dealing. With free starting NFTs to swap and pro tips to trade up strategically, your collection will be jaw-dropping in no time at all. Don’t forget to bookmark and swing back often for all the newest codes.

Happy trading and enjoy showing off that ultra-rare gummy bear keychain you scored! Go use those pro strats and claim the #1 leaderboard spot.