Hello! This is Steve; I have been running this Financial blog for many years. I wrote about banking products, cards, deposits, investment coins, and something else exciting and not so much. This was the very first website that I made in my life. I did it out of interest when I had much free time. And I have to admit, and I enjoyed doing it.

It was interesting to write articles on financial topics, analyze banking products, compare them, write reviews, and at the same time study website development – an utterly new direction for me before.

I am grateful to all the readers of my site, those who came here and read my articles and wrote comments or emails. Unfortunately, those who asked for advice or help were criticized or scolded.

I have made a new site on financial topics, and now write reviews on banking products there. Since I am an accountant by education and profession, I am also interested in writing about banking services for businesses, accounting programs, and business services.