Does Costco Have An ATM? – A Consumer Inquiry

A Helpful Consumer Guide

Have you ever walked into a Costco ready to stock up on bulk paper towels and peanut butter only to discover at checkout that you can’t pay with your credit card? Or maybe you just needed some quick cash to grab a hot dog at the food court. If you’ve found yourself in either predicament, you’re not alone. Plenty of Costco shoppers end up confused about payment options when visiting their favorite warehouse store. That leads many to ask: Does Costco have an ATM?

This comprehensive guide answers all your questions around Costco’s payment methods, credit card acceptance, and access to cash – so you’ll never get caught off guard at the register again!

Payment Types Accepted at Costco Warehouses

First, let’s tackle what types of payment you can use when shopping inside Costco warehouses. Get ready to stock up, because Costco accepts:

Cash Payments

Good news – Costco does accept cash payments! As with most major retailers, you can pay with paper cash or coins when checking out. Just note that cash payments are only allowed at physical Costco locations, not online or at gas stations.

Credit & Debit Cards

Costco warehouse stores accept Visa credit and debit cards. This includes regular Visa cards as well as Costco’s own co-branded Anywhere Visa® Card.

You can also pay with most PIN-based debit cards and ATM cards. However, Costco does not accept other major brands like Mastercard, American Express, or Discover at checkout.

Other Payment Methods

In addition to standard cash and cards, you can pay at Costco with:

  • Costco Shop Cards (also called Costco Cash Cards or Costco Gift Cards)
  • Valid business checks from Costco Business Members
  • Valid personal checks from executive Costco members
  • EBT cards (electronic benefit transfer)
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Mobile payments like Google Pay and Apple Pay

So in summary, Visa credit or debit cards, cash, and gift cards are your best options for in-warehouse purchases!

What About Payments at Costco Gas Stations?

You may be wondering – can you use the same payment methods at Costco gas stations that you would in the warehouse? Let’s break that down.

Gas Station Card Acceptance

Once again, you can use any Visa credit or debit card to pay at the Costco gas pump. But in contrast to in-store, Costco gas stations do not accept cash payments.

Your Costco Anywhere Visa Card also works at the pump. And you can tap your phone or smartwatch to pay with mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

No Cash Allowed

We know, it’s a bummer – but no paper money allowed when filling up your tank! This restriction is why having the Costco Visa card or payment-enabled smartphone comes in super handy at the fuel center.

Use those, Costco gift cards, or debit cards like Visa for a smooth gas station run.

Online Payments at

Buying bulk goods at offers maximum convenience – no lines, no membership card to pull out! But you may wonder which credit cards Costco accepts online.

Good news – the website accepts Visa cards, plus Mastercard, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. So no need to switch payment methods between online and offline purchases.

You also have additional options like Visa Checkout when buying goods online. And any merchandise purchased at can be easily returned to physical warehouse stores. Super handy!

Can I Find an ATM at Costco if I Want to Buy an Abandoned ATM Machine?

Yes, you might be able to find abandoned ATM machines for sale at Costco. However, it’s important to note that purchasing an abandoned ATM machine comes with its own risks and considerations. It’s crucial to thoroughly research and inspect the machine before making a purchase.

Getting Cash Back at Costco Locations

Now that we’ve got payments squared away – what about getting cash from Costco? Can you tap into money from accounts while shopping there?

Unfortunately Costco does not offer official ATMs at their warehouse locations. But you’ve still got options for getting cash by using debit cards strategically or visiting nearby ATMs.

Using Debit Cards

One method is getting cash back when making a debit card purchase at checkout. Just ask the cashier when ringing up your giant teddy bear and jumbo pretzels. Most debit cards allow cash back, giving you instant access to money.

You can also withdraw cash by making a $1 debit card purchase at Costco’s checkouts. Simply process it as “credit” instead of entering a PIN. Then get cash back up to your card’s limit – easy!

Visiting Nearby ATMs

If you need more than $20 or $40 in cash, stop by ATMs at banks, credit unions, or stores located close to your local Costco. Through the CO-OP shared network, you can access thousands of fee-free ATMs all around Costco locations nationwide.

So next time you need an Andrew Jackson to grab that food court hot dog combo, swing by the ATM outside before entering the warehouse store!

Key Payment Takeaways

To wrap up, the key points for members wondering “Does Costco have an ATM?” or what payment types are accepted:

  • When shopping at Costco, conveniently pay with Visa cards, cash, gift cards, checks, and mobile payments
  • For buying gas at Costco stations, stick to Visa credit/debit, the Costco Visa card, or mobile pay
  • Online at, use Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or other major cards
  • Get cash through nearby ATMs or debit card cash back while shopping

Hopefully this breakdown gives you more payment confidence on your next Costco run. Now you can stock up on produce and protein bars without worrying about that credit card getting rejected!

Have a great shopping trip, and enjoy those food court hot dogs. Just be sure to grab some cash first if you left your Visa card at home!