How To Get Land Deeds In Hay Day

We all know the exciting feeling of expanding your farm or town in Hay Day. Gorgeous new areas open up, just waiting for you to fill them with crops, buildings, machines, and decorations galore. But for that, you need precious land deeds. Sometimes they seem rarer than diamonds!

Not to worry, friend. In this guide, you’ll discover the inside scoop on how to get land deeds in Hay Day. With some strategic farming, smart plays, and a little help from Lady Luck, you can stock up for all the expansions your heart desires.

Grab a fresh glass of lemonade, have a seat under the big oak tree, and let’s dive in!

Key Methods to Score Land Deeds

Farming Activities for Deedy Rewards

Hay Daymight just as well be called Land Deed Day with all the sweet deed chances from simple farming fun. Let’s explore the best ways to reap surprise deeds as you sow and grow.

Wheat Your Way to Expansion

Ever heard of wheating? It’s one of the easiest paths to land deeds in Hay Day. Here’s the drill:

  • Plant wheat
  • Harvest wheat
  • Sell wheat fast and cheap in your roadside shop
  • Repeat!

With each harvest, you have a random chance to score not just coins but special rewards like (you guessed it) land deeds. Some farmers report averaging 1-2 deeds per 10 harvests.

Over time, all that wheat farming rakes in truckloads of deeds for expanding your paradise. Plus you rack up XP to level up faster. It’s a win-win!

For best results:

  • Use the fishing lure Worm Escape to double your harvest
  • Plant on freshly tilled soil
  • Harvest every 2 hours with Hay Day bot helpers

Then sell that wheat quick for under 2 coins before restless buyers grab it. Cha-ching!

Make Pets and Animals Your Land Deed Buddies

Your furry friends are happy to help you expand. Both pets and farm animals deliver surprise building materials, land deeds, diamonds, and more.

For pets like dogs, cats, and bunnies, make sure to feed them their favorite foods. Once they nap, tap to wake them up. You’ll get XP, coins, or other random rewards like the coveted deeds.

With farm animals like chickens and cows, you need to feed and raise them as usual. But when collecting their eggs, milk, wool, and other goods, you again have chances for special expansion drops.

So show your pets and critters some extra TLC today! As you care for them, they’ll help you grow your Hay Day home in return.

Fishing Surprises

Cast your line in the tranquil fishing areas, and you may reel in a delightful deed surprise!

The main way is by grabbing treasure chests resting on the lake bottom. You can snag free daily treasure from your own lake and a friend’s. It may contain vouchers, building parts, coins…or yes, land deeds!

There are also seasonal mystery gifts and fishing nets that grant random rewards. So make time to fish each day, even if just for a few minutes. An expansion bounty could be waiting!

And if you see any debris like branches or boots down there, scoop it up. Clearing the waters gives you XP plus occasional expansion materials.

Chop Trees and Clear Land

Your farm likely started with rocks, stumps, bushes, and towering oaks. And clearing them out pays in more than just wide open space!

Chop down full-grown trees and bushes to gain XP and random building supplies. About 1 out of 20 trees holds an extra treat like deeds, TNT, or duct tape.

So slash away at those trees and clear brambles. While you open up room for more crops and decorations, you also inch closer to saving deeds for that next land expansion!

Play In-Game Features

Beyond farming rewards, Hay Day has some fun integrated features that offer up chances for landing deeds with every play.

Mystery Treasure Boxes

We all feel that quiver of excitement when a mystery treasure box appears! Give it a tap and out comes coins, diamonds, or helpful supplies…possibly including the coveted land deeds.

You’ll notice 2 types of mystery boxes:

Free red gift boxes – Find these daily on your farm or a random friend’s farm. Tap right away for two free gifts every 24 hours!

Secret treasure chests – Discover these bonus blue boxes in fishing areas or town. You pay diamonds to unlock them.

Both box types deliver random rewards, so check back often to uncover their secrets. With consistent plays, you could average 1-2 land deeds per week.

Spin the Wheel of Fortune

Want to try your luck scoring deeds and other expansion goodies? Head to the Wheel of Fortune for a daily free spin!

With the pointerticking round and round, you may land on vouchers, building parts, diamonds, boosters, or yes – land deeds. The wheel makes earning fun supplies almost effortless.

For even more spins, certain valley tasks reward you with wheel vouchers. Or spend diamonds to keep that wheel turning!

Complete Farm Pass Seasons

The brilliant Farm Pass turns growing crops and caring for animals into a journey to win awesome rewards. These special deed-getting chances open every new season:

Seasonal tasks – Earn points by harvesting crops, collecting animal goods, serving town visitors, and other tasks. Each one unlocks prizes on the Free or Premium Pass.

Reward tiers – There are approx. 30 reward tiers per pass with treats like land deeds, building tools, diamonds, and decorations.

Premium bonuses – Upgrading to the Premium Farm Pass doubles the available rewards with more ways to win deeds and supplies.

So stick with those seasonal tasks, friends! Completing them inch by inch can accrue major payouts of land deeds and objects to grow your ideal farm.

Claim Derby Expansion Bounties

Do you and your neighborhood compete together in weekly derby tasks? All that teamwork pays off with magnificent rewards!

Derby thresholds – For every batch of tasks you complete as a team, you cross derby thresholds to unlock special prizes. This may include land deeds, construction tools, hearts, diamonds, and coins based on your placement.

1st Place payouts – By working cooperatively to win 1st place, your neighborhood enjoys premium bounties! In addition to unique decorations, you stand a good chance of scoring stacks of land deeds.

Rally your community to keep aiming for those top spots! The team effort feels fantastic, plus the derby spoils make expanding delightful.

Complete Global Events

For a limited time every few months, Hay Day hosts worldwide community events around fun themes. And sneaky as a fox, they tuck deed chances into the challenges!

Recent events let players:

  • Fill boat orders with other farmers
  • Reach egg harvesting milestones
  • Catch boatloads of fish

Personal event tiers – Complete tasks on your own farm to climb reward tiers with supplies like land deeds or building tools.

Community goals – Global contributions unlock community prizes, often including deeds!

Stay tuned for the next cultural event on Hay Day’s Facebook page. Jump in to contribute and claim expansion materials from those community rewards!

Is It Necessary to Have Land Deeds in Trust Property Sales?

When a trustee is selling trust property, having clear land deeds is essential. Potential buyers will want to ensure that the property is rightfully owned by the trust and that there are no legal complications. Land deeds provide a solid legal foundation for the sale and protect both the buyer and the trustee selling trust property.

Leverage Social Elements

Expanding your homestead truly takes a village in Hay Day! Tapping into social features hands you more control over acquiring land deeds fast.

Serve Up Expansions from Visitors

At level 34, the bustling town unlocks. As visitors arrive, take their orders to earn coins plus surprise building supplies or land deeds!

Fill requests for food, crafted goods, town decor, and other items. With each order served fully and on time, you gain a random reward. Track your odds of scoring deeds by:

  • Visitor type – Truck drivers offer the most expansion materials at nearly 10% per order.
  • Order difficulty – Harder, more complex orders have higher likelihoods too.
  • Reputation – As you gain reputation stars, so do your reward chances.

So put on your best customer service hat! Charm those visitors by serving swift, accurate orders with a smile. Say “howdy” to more land deeds for expanding.

Buy From Friends’ Roadside Shops

Mosey on down to friends’ roadside shops for deals on precious expansion materials. Greg’s shop also stocks hard-to-find items.

Check often, as hot deals sell fast! Players will discount extra supplies or advertise specialty items for cheap.

Smart buying tips:

  • Watch levels 100+ – They sometimes sell surplus tools and deeds below market prices.
  • Buy unwanted items too – Checking all shops raises chances of landing your needed supplies.
  • Check multiple times daily – Listings refresh frequently so don’t miss that perfect bargain.

With some dedication scanning those roadside ads, you can scoop major discounts – stacking deeds and equipment for less!

Get Gifts from Fellow Farmers

Your friendly farmers are always willing to help out! By gifting each other useful items or bundles, you may receive the coveted land deeds.

Post deed requests in your neighborhood’s chat along with what items you can offer in return. Or check the newspaper’s global chat.

For the best luck:

  • Actively chat and play with your community
  • Host derby tasks so friends visit your farm
  • Check the birdhouse gift crate often

With consistent visits and gifting exchanges in your ‘hood, those land deeds will start trickling in. After all, friendly neighbors are one of Hay Day’s best treasures!

Buy From Wealthy Farmers

Finally, tap high-level farmers as excellent land deed sources, especially if desperate.

Look for players above level 100 who likely expanded fully already. Browse their shops for tools and deeds they no longer need. Prime targets are farmers ranked Diamond, Master, or Champion with all achievements finished.

Of course, deals from wealthy farmers come at premium prices! But when you’re 1-2 deeds away from that hot air balloon you’ve waited months for, it’s worthwhile.

So scout out Hay Day heavyweights and befriend them. Players with maxed out, gorgeously complete farms are your best bets for scoring expansion stock fast.

Real-Money Bundles

For instant land deed gratification, consider occasional Hay Dayreal-money bundles! When you just can’t wait, buying deals are handy.

These packs contain vouchers, diamonds, plus piles of land deeds, tools, or building parts. Prices range from $2.99 USD for 20 deeds up to $49.99 USD for 160 deeds.

Of course, buying deeds defeats some Hay Day fun. But when you have spare cash and impatience, it’s reasonable to splurge on deals now and then!

In Conclusion

Use this guide as your lifelong reference for amassing land deeds on Hay Day! Whether you play for months or years, clever farmers unlock every last inch of land.

We explored all facets from standard farming to social play to real-money shortcuts. You now hold the knowledge power for steady, eternal farm growth.

Now start planting those magic money-making wheat crops. Care for fuzzy friends, spin prizes, claim derby rewards, watch ads, and check town daily. With generous time and commitment, your homestead gently expands as lovely open space fuels your dreams and creativity.

Soon friends will wander your sprawling, glorious lands and sigh, “How DO they do it?” You’ll just smile quietly, nod, and carry on nurturing your agricultural paradise one red mystery box and social deed trade at a time!