Diving Into the World of Portfolio Management Hey there! So you’re interested in becoming a portfolio manager? That’s awesome. Portfolio managers play a hugely important role in the world of finance. They are responsible for managing investment portfolios and guiding key financial decisions for individuals, companies, nonprofits, and other organizations. […]

Hey there! If you’re an investor looking to better manage the risk and volatility of your portfolio, you’ve come to the right place. Understanding and properly using beta is crucial for asset allocation and diversification. In simple terms, beta measures how sensitive your portfolio is to movements in the overall […]

So you want to learn about portfolio income? You’ve come to the right place! Portfolio income refers to the money you earn from investments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. It comes in the form of dividends, interest payments, and capital gains. Building up sources of portfolio income […]

Have you been getting endless calls from a mysterious number? When you finally pick up, it’s a representative from a company called Portfolio Recovery Associates. They insist you owe a debt from years ago that you know nothing about. The calls keep coming at all hours of the day and […]

Investing in stocks can be an exciting yet confusing endeavor, especially when you start receiving payments like dividends and distributions. You may have heard these terms used interchangeably before, but they are quite different! Understanding the distinction between dividends and distributions is key to making informed investment decisions and properly […]

Hey there! Looking to put your dividend payments to work and maximize your investment growth? Dividend reinvestment, also known as a DRIP, can be a powerful strategy. Instead of receiving dividend cash payments that sit in your account, you can automatically reinvest those dividends to buy more shares – boosting […]

Hey there! Have you ever wondered who exactly receives dividends from a mutual insurance company? I’m here to explain it all in simple terms. In a nutshell, dividends from a mutual insurer go to their policyholders, also known as members. But there’s more to it than that, so let’s dive […]

Hey there! If you’re an investor exploring your options in the stock market, you may have come across Amazon and wondered – does this giant of a company pay dividends? It’s a fair question. Dividend stocks are popular picks for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to collect passive income from […]

Have you ever received a dividend payment from a stock you own and wondered – is this extra cash in my brokerage account considered a business expense for the company paying it? Or is a dividend something else entirely? I’m sure you’ve heard financial experts and money-savvy friends talk about […]

Hey there! If you’ve received a Form 1099-DIV recently, you may have noticed a mysterious Box 5 labeled “Section 199A dividends.” What gives? This odd sounding term is connected to one of the most lucrative tax deductions out there—the qualified business income (QBI) deduction. In this guide, I’ll walk you […]