Hey there! If you’ve ever listened to news about the stock market, you’ve likely heard the reporter say something like “the Dow was up 200 points today.” But what does that actually mean? What is a point in the stock market anyway? Great question! Points can be confusing, but understanding […]

So you’ve probably noticed the recent volatility in the stock market, with major indices plunging and values of portfolios declining. I get it – watching your investments take a hit can feel unsettling. But don’t stress too much. Markets always go through ups and downs. The key is to understand […]

As it is known, Y Combinator is the strongest startup accelerator in the world. If it is so strong, many startups strive to be a part of it, including both strong and weak ones. How Y Combinator became a mecca for startups is a separate question. However, how they manage […]

Money should work and generate income. That is why when you have free capital, there are many questions – where to invest money, how to make a profitable investment, and what kind of income can be provided by a particular type of investment. By reading our article, you will learn […]