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How To Get Land Deeds In Hay Day

We all know the exciting feeling of expanding your farm or town in Hay Day. Gorgeous new areas open up, just waiting for you to fill them with crops, buildings, machines, and decorations galore. But for that, you need precious […]

Can A Neighbor Claim My Land By Mowing It

Have you ever wondered if that friendly neighbor mowing part of your lawn is secretly plotting to take your land? It may seem far-fetched, but there are legal ways your helpful neighbor could try to claim that section of property. […]

What Is A Drop Zone In A House

An Entertaining Explanation of the Home Entry Hub We All Need Have you ever come home loaded down with bags and boxes, struggling to juggle your keys to unlock the door while simultaneously preventing your purse from sliding off your […]

Is Egging A House Illegal

So you and your partner in crime have decided it would be oh so funny to pelt your neighbor’s prim and proper pad with a dozen free range eggs. Before you let those oval suckers fly, let’s talk about whether […]

Can I Lose My House Due To At-fault Car Accident

Losing Your Home Over a Car Crash? It Can Happen, But You’ve Got Options Remember when we were teenagers and thought we were invincible? We’d hop in a car with barely a second thought, blast the radio, and hit the […]

What Must A Rental Business Instruct Its Customers On

So you’ve started a rental business – exciting! Whether it’s kayaks, party supplies, or heavy machinery, you likely have all sorts of cool gear that customers can’t wait to get their hands on. But holding the reins on a stash […]

How To Calculate Rental Income For Child Support

So you own a rental property and are going through a separation or divorce. Now you need to figure out how your rental income will impact your child support payments. I get it, this stuff can get confusing fast. But […]

What To Put On Rental Application If Living With Parents

So you’re finally ready to move out of your parents’ place and get your own apartment? Exciting! But before you start packing your boxes, you need to actually find a place and get approved – which means filling out the […]

Can You Have Farm Animals On Residential Land

Have you ever dreamed of having a few cute goats, some fluffy bunnies, or even a milk cow in your backyard? As the farm-to-table movement grows, more people are interested in raising their own mini livestock farms at home. But […]

How To Keep Hunting Dogs Off Your Property

Understanding Hunting Dog Behavior As an avid hunter, you likely appreciate the loyalty and hardworking nature of hunting dogs. Their superior sense of smell combined with ingrained tracking instincts makes them superlative hunters. However, this can become an issue when […]

Can I Put A Shipping Container On My Property

So you’re thinking about getting a shipping container for your property. Whether you need extra storage or want to create a unique living space, you probably have questions. Can you even put a container on your land legally? What rules […]

How Many Junk Cars Can You Have On Your Property

What Exactly is a Junk Car? Look, we’ve all gotten attached to a car at some point. The first set of wheels that gave us freedom, our beloved old beater that got us through college, the flashy sports car we […]

How Close To My Property Line Can I Pour Concrete

Have you been thinking about pouring some concrete on your property – maybe to widen your driveway, install a basketball court, or build a shed foundation? If your project is near the property line, you probably have some questions about […]

What Is An Ral In Real Estate

Have you noticed those quaint little homes in your neighborhood with signs out front saying “Assisted Living” or “Residential Care Facility”? As a real estate investor or someone looking into senior housing options, you may be wondering, what exactly is […]

What Is A Buy Box In Real Estate

An investor’s guide to creating a property wishlist that actually works Have you ever gone grocery shopping without a list and ended up impulse buying a bunch of random stuff you don’t actually need? Maybe some fancy chocolate bar or […]

Can You Sue An Estate For Pain And Suffering

Have you lost a loved one due to another party’s negligence or misconduct? Are you wondering if you can sue their estate to get some form of justice and compensation? This is understandably an emotionally trying time, but it helps […]

Can Real Estate Agents Have Tattoos

Can You Really Be a Tattooed Real Estate Agent? You just got an amazing new tattoo – it’s a gorgeous, vibrant sleeve with personal meaning for you. But as you’re admiring it in the mirror, a worrying thought hits you […]

How Long Do You Have To Sue An Estate

So your great aunt Millie passed away and left you that gorgeous antique car you always admired. But now her good-for-nothing son Bobby, the executor, won’t give it to you! Or worse, Bobby spent money from aunt Millie’s estate that […]

Can A Convicted Felon Own Property

So your buddy just got busted for some kind of felony. That sucks. You feel for them, but it makes you wonder – what exactly happens when someone becomes a convicted felon? Can they still own property and assets? Seems […]

Do Property Managers Pay For Repairs

So you’ve decided to hire a property manager to handle the day-to-day operations of your rental property. Excellent choice – they can take a huge load off your plate! But once you hand over the keys, you probably still have […]

What Is Capped Value On Property Taxes

You just got your property tax bill in the mail. As you rip open the envelope, you’re bracing for impact. Property values in your area have skyrocketed this past year. Your neighbor just sold their place for a cool 30% […]

Can Power Of Attorney Sell Property Before Death

So your aging parent named you power of attorney. Now you’re wondering – with this legal authority, can you sell their property if needed before they pass away? It’s a fair question many in your shoes ponder. After all, you […]