Transfer Uber Cash To Bank Account: Is It Possible?

Have you ever finished an Uber ride or food delivery and noticed some extra money sitting in your Uber account? That balance is called Uber Cash, and it can be used to pay for future Uber services. But what if you want to move that money to your regular bank account instead? The good news is, transferring Uber Cash is completely doable. Let’s walk through everything you need to know.

What Exactly Is Uber Cash?

Think of Uber Cash as a digital wallet that lives within the Uber system. Any time you earn money from an Uber gig, whether as a rideshare driver or delivery partner, those funds get deposited into your Uber Cash account automatically.

You can also add your own money to Uber Cash, sort of like putting funds on a prepaid debit card. Lots of riders take advantage of this if they plan to use Uber frequently, as it can help them earn discounts on future rides.

No matter where the money comes from originally, Uber Cash lets you pay for Uber rides, Uber Eats orders, JUMP bikes and scooters, and more without needing a separate payment method. Basically, it’s a centralized place to manage all money flowing in and out of your Uber ecosystem. Convenient, right?

Adding Your Own Cash

In case you ever want to add your own money to Uber Cash as a rider, it only takes a few taps. Just open your Uber app and tap the payments icon in the upper left corner. From there, select “Add Uber Cash” and input your desired amount. You can use a debit card, credit card, or even PayPal to fund your wallet.

Any money you add yourself will show up immediately in your Uber Cash. It never expires, so no need to worry about losing it!

Can You Transfer That Balance Out?

This brings us to the million dollar question: Can you transfer Uber Cash out to your regular bank account? The short answer is yes! While Uber Cash stays locked within Uber by default, the company gives you the ability to cash out your full or partial balance anytime.

Let’s look at exactly how to make that happen.

Step 1: Access Your Uber Wallet

Just like when adding money to Uber Cash, you’ll need to open the payments menu. Tap the upper left corner to bring up your navigation bar, then select “Wallet”.

This is the central hub for everything related to your Uber Cash balance, transaction history, earnings information, and more. Think of it like the account page for your Uber payment profile.

Step 2: Find the Cash Out Button

Now scroll down on your Wallet page until you see the “Transfer to Bank” option. Uber makes transferring out your balance just as easy as transferring money in!

Tapping this button prompts the cash out flow to start.

Pro Tip: Double check your current Uber Cash balance first so you know exactly how much you’re working with.

Step 3: Input Your Bank Details

Next, Uber will ask you to connect a bank account. Just plug in your account number and routing number, similar to setting up direct deposit. Triple check this sensitive info is 100% accurate – one tiny error can cause transfer issues down the road.

Once your account is successfully linked, Uber remembers those details for future cash outs. No need to input your banking info ever again!

Step 4: Confirm the Transfer

Here comes the most satisfying part. Enter the specific dollar amount you want to transfer to your bank, then tap “Transfer” to lock it in. Uber runs one final review so you can double, triple, even quadruple check those details before the money gets released from your Uber Wallet.

And…you’re all done! Just sit back, relax, and watch your bank account for that direct deposit.

Hot Tip: If you change your mind, Uber allows cancellations up until the transfer starts processing (usually 1 business day post-request). So nothing is set in stone if you have regrets.

How Long Do Transfers Take?

We all know banks run on their own time, so don’t panic if your Uber Cash doesn’t show up instantly. In most cases you can expect money to reach your account within 3 to 5 business days after initiating the transfer. Of course processing times vary between financial institutions.

Certain banks release funds faster than others. Something to keep in mind next time you’re reviewing your account options!

No matter what though, Uber Cash transfers should finalize within a week or so. Definitely reach out to Uber’s customer support team if your money still hasn’t appeared after 7 business days. Delays that long typically mean an underlying issue needs fixing.

Pro Tip: Log into your bank account regularly to monitor for that cash to clear. Knowing exactly when funds get released helps avoid worrying about lost transfers or Uber glitches.

Troubleshooting Cash Out Issues

We all know technology doesn’t always go as planned. Luckily, most problems that pop up when transferring Uber Cash are pretty straightforward to diagnose and fix. Being aware of the main troubleshooting tips can save major headaches if your cash out gets held up. Let’s look at troubleshooting must-knows:

Incorrect Bank Details

First off, double and triple check your account details! One digit off on your routing or account number will stop transfers in their tracks.

Bouncing or rejected payments often happen because of a minor typo when linking your bank information initially. If you input anything incorrectly, head back to your Uber Wallet payment settings to update the details ASAP. Then retry that cash out transfer.

Pending Transactions

Here’s an easy issue to overlook – Uber won’t release any portion of your Cash balance while a transaction is still processing. Do you have a recent Uber ride, Uber Eats order, or JUMP rental that hasn’t finalized yet? Those pending charges put a temporary hold on your ability to cash anything out.

You’ll regain full access to transfer money again as soon as transactions fully complete on the backend. Definitely take pending activity into consideration when timing out your cash outs!

Account Not Linked

Last but not least, Uber requires having a linked bank account before transferring cash out. If your transfer gets rejected outright, make sure your account is still actively connected within your profile.

Sometimes accounts detach if you update personal information like your address or legal name. Other times technical hiccups happen on Uber’s side.

Either way, head back to your Uber Wallet screen and check if your bank details are still visible under “Payment Methods”. Re-entering your info gets everything synced back up.

What About Transferring to PayPal or Debit Cards?

Bank account transfers are the only native option built directly into the Uber app for cashing out your balance today. But a handful of convenient workarounds exist too!

If you prefer getting paid via PayPal or a debit card, start by linking those payment methods instead of a bank account. You can add multiple payout channels to your Wallet for maximum flexibility.

Next time you cash out, simply choose PayPal or your card to send funds to whichever account suits you best in that moment.

The money takes an extra hop – first landing in your secondary Uber account before getting paid out to the final destination. But it lets you take control over where your cash ultimately ends up. Pretty slick!

Insider Tip: Verify any withdrawal minimums before moving small Uber Cash balances to PayPal or debit cards. Some third parties impose rules around deposit amounts.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Clearly the capability to cash out Uber balances is clutch. But before racing off to liquidate your Uber Cash, let’s recap a quick rundown of potential advantages and drawbacks:


  • Immediate access to earnings
  • Avoid forcing cash to sit in Uber system
  • More control over your own money
  • Simple transfer process


  • Losing convenience of having Uber funds on hand
  • Temporary loss of promotional discounts or credits
  • Missing out on exclusive Uber offers

Ultimately whether or not transferring makes sense depends on your personal financial situation. Pay attention to your spending habits and upcoming plans involving Uber itself. Finding the right balance between utility and liquidity takes some fine tuning.

Can I Transfer Uber Cash to my PayPal Bank Account using the Plaid Platform?

Yes, you can transfer Uber Cash to your PayPal bank account using the Plaid platform, as long as you have a linked bank account. Plaid is a secure platform that assists in identifying PayPal’s bank for seamless money transfers.

What If You Want to Keep Funds in Uber?

Just because you can take money out of your Uber Wallet doesn’t always mean you should. Letting at least a portion of your earnings sit as Uber Cash definitely has some nice perks too.

Besides the promotional discounts we mentioned earlier, keeping a balance saves you time by not needing to load other payment methods before future rides or orders. Talk about easy and seamless!

Uber Wallet also lets you split the bill with friends or family by sending Uber Cash directly to their accounts. No more awkward IOUs or Venmos back and forth.

Lastly, money saved in your Uber account stays separate from your personal cash flow. That psychological partition makes it less tempting to overspend those funds compared to money sitting in your main bank account. Think forced savings!

Bottom Line: Your ideal strategy likely utilizes both transferring money out when needed, as well as letting funds remain within Uber for convenience and future discounts.

Yes, You Can Transfer Out Uber Cash!

As you can see, cashing out your Uber balance directly to a connected bank account is not only possible – it’s downright simple! Just tap into your wallet, input your details, confirm the transfer, then monitor your regular account for the incoming deposit.

Sure, a few rare hiccups or delays can happen. But overall the transfer process remains smooth as long as you double check for accuracy upfront. Patience pays off too when allowing a few business days for bank transfers to finalize.

Hopefully by now you feel totally confident in your ability to add money to your Uber Cash when helpful, use those funds seamlessly for rides and delivery, or withdraw that balance to your personal bank whenever needed. Realizing you’re not locked into keeping cash only inside Uber opens up a whole world of possibilities!

So what are you waiting for? Time to put your new Uber Wallet skills to work maximizing perks, convenience, and flexibility as you navigate the Uber finance ecosystem. Happy spending…or saving!